Replacing Twonky

Cohen3 Testing

# as root
pip3 install git+git://
cohen3 -c ~/.cohen/cohen3.conf
# config file for coherence
# keywords are case-sensitive

logmode = warning                         # none, error, warning, info, debug, log
#logfile = coherence.log
#interface = eth0
serverport = 30020                       # if not specified or set to 0
                                         # coherence will let the OS choose the port


        #content = tests/content/audio,tests/content/video           # append more directories separated by commas
        content = /mnt/fedora01/root/data/ServerFolders/Music/Brad        # append more directories separated by commas
        version = 1
        #content = /data/audio/music
        name = Coherence
            mimetype = image/png
            width = 120
            height = 106
            depth = 24
            url = file:///home/scott/.cohen/coherence-icon.png

Typing unicode symbols

On Linux, press CTRL-SHIFT-U, unicode hex code, ENTER to type the unicode symbol. On Windows, hold ALT, press + (on numberic keypad), unicode hex code, release ALT key. This works for some apps. For others, try typing the hex code and then press ALT-x. You can also repeat to remove the unicode symbol.

°: B0

²: B2

Ω: 03A9